When to consider a sewer inspection?

The most common problems

Your home´s sewers need care just like the other parts of your home but, what is a sewer inspection? It is a diagnostic technique to obtain a through examination of the condition of the sewer, an inspection done by a camera attached to a snake line. The video camera records the state of the sewer, revealing any cracks, collapsed lines, tree roots, clogs and other problems inside the sewer. Sewers generally experience structural changes because of the environment, so after reading this, may be you consider a sewer inspection.

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Important information prior the inspection…

To carry out a sewer inspection, it is recommended that the lines are cleared, that is, clean of any obstructions and sludge, because we want images that can reflect the real state of the sewer. As well as the identification of liquids that are poured into the pipes. In many cases, since the drainage lines are not unloaded, there is a risk of clogging the video inspection cameras. So it is important to call an expert.

You have to know that sewer problems are not always obvious. Just because the toilets in a house can flush and the sink drains doesn’t mean that the sewer is in good condition. Here you have the most commons problems:

  • Roots: tree roots are frequently seeking a good source of water and they are attracted to the rich nutrients found in main sewer pipe systems. Roots can grow into plumbing lines and may continue to grow over time, so if you have trees or large shrubs anywhere near your sewer line, you should have regular inspections, because they eventually lead to blockages, overflows, and in some cases heavily damaged lines.
  • Older homes: this homes are usually built on aging clay pipes that are more vulnerable. These old systems erode and collapse over time.
  • Slow drainage: if you have several slow drains, may be a problem deeper in your main sewer line. Broken or backed up sewer or drain lines can badly damage your home with anything from flooding to foundation problems.

Remember, if you are considering a sewer inspection, it is important to call an expert to diagnose the problem, so call us!