What Could Cause Low Water Pressure in Your Home?

Not enough water flowing from the tap? It could mean that your home’s plumbing is experiencing low water pressure issues. There are a number of reasons why water isn’t flowing too freely in your pipes and knowing these reasons can help in fixing the issue and prevent even bigger problems. Here’s a quick guide to this common issue straight from our underground pipe work specialists.

What Counts as Low Pressure?

To fix the problem you must first determine if you really are dealing with low water pressure. In most areas, the water pressure ranges from 45-80 psi (pounds per square inch). Have a professional plumber check the pressure on your pipes; if it’s below 40psi, that’s when you start looking into possible causes of low water pressure.

Check For Leaks

The most common cause of low water pressure are leaks in your pipes. The more serious the leak, the lower the water pressure will be. Experts in sewer & drainage services say that leaks along major pipes tend to happen more often in homes with older plumbing. Fortunately, these leaks can be fixed by sealing them or replacing the damaged sections.

Change Your Faucets

There are cases when the water pressure drastically goes down as they reach your faucets. For example, a clogged shower head can prevent water from flowing freely so you end up with low pressure even with perfectly fine plumbing. Faulty or clogged fixtures can easily be replaced with help from professional plumbers.

Damaged or Misconfigured Regulator

Most homes have pressure regulators located near the main intake valve and the water meter to prevent excessive water pressure from damaging the pipes. According to residential plumbing experts, these regulators must be in perfect condition or it will end up taking too much pressure and severely weaken water flow in your home. This is why it’s important to have this particular part of your home’s plumbing inspected and -if necessary- replaced ASAP.

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