Sewer Video Inspection

Got a sewer problem but don’t know the source? In years past, your only option was to dig until you found it – a costly and invasive endeavor. Today, sewer video inspection makes things a lot easier thanks to video cameras and state of the art locating equipment. This allows the technicians here at L&P Plumbing to quickly locate the blockage without having to damage your property.

This involves:

  • Running a video line through your sewer pipes while watching the feed on a screen above the ground.
  • The video extends down your branch lines. These are the pipes leading from bathtubs and faucets to your property’s main sewer line.
  • Or, they could travel along the home’s sewer line, which is a bigger pipe leading from the house to the city sewer line at the street.
  • A camera is positioned at the end of the line so we can see what’s happening in real time and at close range.
  • The video is very powerful, with high-resolution video capabilities, lights, transmitters, recording capabilities and self-righting capabilities.

Many people need a video inspection when thinking about remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, or even adding on a completely new bathroom or kitchen. But most people find they need a sewer video inspection when faced with an emergency due to a blockage that can’t be fixed by a plunger, auger or liquid drain cleaners.

Sewer Video Inspection: The Advantages

Why enlist the help of sewer video inspection in Austin? Here are some great reasons. This process is…

  1. Quick: Underground sewer repair is fast, as it doesn’t require extensive digging that can lead to an unsightly mess and a stoppage of work or lifestyle.
  2. Cost effective – Faster work with the need for fewer equipment results in an overall lower cost to the consumer.
  3. Safe for your property – Your property’s landscaping won’t be damaged in the process, ensuring your flowers, plants, and shrubs remain intact.
  4. Safe for the environment and your family– The use of dangerous chemicals is not required, ensuring the safety of the environment, as well as people and pets.
  5. Less disruptive – With no need to detour traffic or remove pavement, the disruption to your home or business is minimal.

Wondering why you should choose L&P Plumbing for sewer video inspection? Well, as a customer-first company, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and exceptional customer service. Our technicians:

  • Are experienced, knowledgeable, and courteous
  • Perform efficient and timely jobs
  • Are happy to answer any questions you may have
  • Are transparent with fair and competitive prices
  • Always clean up after ourselves

No job is too big or too small for us. If you’re in need of sewer video inspection, get peace of mind by calling us first.

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