Drain Services

Drains clog: it’s a fact of life. You may have tried a few troubleshooting tips on your own, to no avail. When those stubborn clogs don’t clear, no matter what you do, you may need to call a master plumber to get the problem fixed once and for all. L&P Plumbing is well-versed in a variety of drain services, from drain cleaning to repair. 

drain services

Our drain cleaning solutions include: 

  • Basement Plumbing: We can repair any issues related to drain pipes, general plumbing or installation needs.
  • Bathroom Drains: We can fix your shower and tub drains when they slow down or get clogged.
  • Broken Pipes: Let us repair your broken pipes so they don’t break down again.
  • Catch Basin: To prevent flooding, we can clear your catch basins. 
  • Kitchen Sinks: Got a clog? We can get your kitchen sink flowing again. 
  • Main Sewer Lines: We specialize in repair, maintenance and replacement services for main sewer lines.
  • Toilet Drains: We can unclog your toilet, removing any obstruction.

How to Prevent Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be frustrating, but there are some things you can do to make sure they don’t happen. 

  • Rinse kitchen drains with hot water: Hot water can break down oils that may make it down your kitchen sink. Run the hot water from the tap for a bit if you accidentally poured some grease down the drain.
  • Don’t pour oil in the kitchen sink: You’re best off not pouring grease or oil directly in the sink. Pour it into a can, let it congeal, then throw it out. Oil can coat your pipes over time and catch debris.  
  • Throw baking soda down the drain: Every once in a while, sprinkle some baking soda down the drain, then run the water. This will not only keep your drains clear, it will absorb odors too. As a side note, you can also pour some vinegar down the drain, which acts as an organic solvent that removes food and oil buildup.
  • Use kitchen sink strainers: Place strainers at the top of your kitchen sink drains to catch food particles and heavy fats before they go down the drain. 
  • Be careful with store-bought cleaners: Go easy on the cleaners, as they can contain lye which can be harmful to your lungs and eyes. Plus, too much of those cleaners can actually damage your pipes. 

The master plumbers at L&P Plumbing, serving the entire greater metro Austin area, are skilled in all manner of drain services for households and businesses. You will appreciate our affordable prices and courteous service, backed by many years of experience and commitment to your 100% satisfaction. 

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