Conventional Water Heaters

If you have done the research and decided that a conventional water heater is best for your needs, you will need a master plumber to install it. That’s where we come in. We can help with that and more here at L&P Plumbing. We have many years of experience installing and repairing conventional water heaters for homes throughout the greater Austin metro area.

A traditional water heater stores and heats water constantly, which is kept in a tank. Most tanks can accommodate about 40 gallons at a time. The water is kept at a certain temperature so that when the water is needed, such as for doing dishes or taking a shower, it is standing by and ready to go.

Unlike tankless water heaters, conventional tanks take up some space in your basement or other area of the home. However, conventional water tanks come with many advantages over tankless models, from lower initial purchase price to their easy and quick installation. 

From conventional water heater installation to repairs, our professionals do it all. Just ask us!

Why Go With Conventional Water Heaters?

There are many advantages to installing a conventional water heater in your home, such as:

  • Affordability: The low purchase price of a conventional water heater is a desired feature for many budget-conscious homeowners. Their cost ranges between $500 and $800, compared with the cost of a tankless water heater between $2,000 and $4,500.
  • Simple operation: Conventional water heaters feature simpler operation, resulting in fewer maintenance and repair costs. 
  • Availability of parts: Because traditional storage tanks are so readily available, easy to install and easy to operate, it’s easier to find the parts you need when something does break down. Plus, those repair costs are generally lower than those of a tankless model. 
  • Use in power outages: Because the stored water is constantly being heated, it’s ready to be used at any time. So, if the power goes out, you will have at least a tank’s worth of hot water before things run cold. 

No matter which type of conventional water heater you choose, we are the ones to install it, inspect it and maintain it. 

Here at L&P Plumbing, we are skilled in installing and repairing conventional water heaters for households of all sizes. With affordable prices and courteous service, you will be glad you called us. If you are unsure about which type to get, we can help you decide which type, size, and brand of water heater is best for your family, home and budget. 

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