Refrigerator: how to repair it

Common broken refrigerator symptoms

There are few things as frustrating as a broken refrigerator, thankfully our repair guides are here to help you get it up and running again in no time. We have broken refrigerators repair down by the most common symptoms. Learn how to troubleshoot when your freezer will not stop running, when it is too cool, when it is making unusual noise, when it is frosting up, and more.

Have you noticed your refrigerator isn’t cooling as it normally does?

Frost buildup

A buildup of frost in a refrigerator happens when the defrost thermostat, door gasket, or defrost timer are not working properly. Learn how to test these parts, and repair your freezer.

Unusual noise

Problems with the evaporator fan motor, or with the evaporator fan blade, may cause your refrigerator to make loud or unusual noises. Learn how to inspect these parts.

Won’t start

If your freezer will not start, you need to inspect the start relay, the thermostat, and the start capacitor. Learning how to test and replace these parts will help you repair your refrigeraor.

Doesn’t stop running

Learn how to repair a refrigerator that will not stop running. You will need to test the temperature control, defrost timer, and defrost thermostat.

Too cold

It is possible for a refrigerator to be too cold, the ideal internal temperature is 0° F. If your freezer keeps running after the ideal temperature has been reached you will need to inspect the thermostat, temperature control, and user control.

Too warm

Learn how to repair a refrigerator that will not cool. In order to find out what’s wrong you will need to test the user control, defrost timer, and thermostat.

This step-by-step troubleshooting guide will show you exactly what to do to identify the issue and fix it yourself. If the problem is even bigger, you should contact us or you can find us in our fanpage on Facebook. We’re experts fixing those problems.