Plumbing Myths and Hacks

There are many myths in the plumbing world that many of us have believed since we were kids. Were you told that the water drains out of your toilet in a different direction depending on which part of the world you live in? What about the directive that flushable wipes are good for your plumbing system?

Here, our plumbers in Austin TX will bust all the popular myths that seem to have survived over the years.

Top Bathroom Plumbing Myths

Here are some of the more popular bathroom plumbing myths to debunk.

Toilet Water Drains in a Different Direction Depending on Where You Live in the World

False: How your toilet water leaves your bowl has to do with the way in which the jets spray – not whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere. The myth gained traction due to the Coriolis effect. This refers to the way in which the Earth’s counterclockwise rotation impacts the trajectory of objects in motion. But when it comes to your toilet water, the Earth simply doesn’t spin fast enough to have that much of an impact on such a small amount of water.

There Could be a Snake in Your Toilet

True: While rare, people have reported snakes in their toilets. That’s because critters like snakes seek dark, damp spots to hide or look for food. Snakes can get into your home via a cracked sewer pipe, but again it’s rare.

Flushable Wipes Are Safe For Plumbing Systems

False: Pre-moistened wipes come in many forms, from baby wipes to sanitizing wipes. Many claim to be safe to flush. Not so. Those so-called flushable wipes can lead to major backups in the sewage system. It’s best to just throw them in the trash to be safe.

Fluctuating Water Pressure Isn’t Concerning

False: If your water pressure varies a lot, from high to low and back again, this is not a normal occurrence. Water pressure should remain stable at all times. If not, your plumbing system has some serious problems. There could be a clog or a leak somewhere in the pipe. Call a professional to diagnose the issue.

You Should Use Bleach Tablets to Keep Your Toilets Clean

False: Adding one of these tablets to your toilet can actually do more harm than good. Toilet parts such as washers, gaskets, and pipes are vulnerable to corrosion. If you put corrosive bleach tablets in your toilet water, you can cause rusting of those components – not to mention you can dull the glazed finish of your toilet. This is a likely scenario if you let the tablet sit there for longer than 15 minutes or so on a regular basis. Just sprinkle a powder bleach product into the bowl, scrub it, then flush.

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