Ins and Outs of Sewer Video Inspection

If you have a sewer problem but don’t know the source of it, the only option in years past was to dig until you found it. As you can imagine, this was a very costly and invasive tactic. Today, there’s a much less invasive solution and that’s called sewer video inspection. Using sewer video cameras and state of the art locating equipment, your plumbing professional can easily locate the blockage without having to compromise your property.

This involves running a video line through your sewer pipes while watching the feed on a screen above the ground. This video can extend down your branch lines, which are the pipes leading from bathtubs and faucets to your property’s main sewer line, or they could travel along the home’s sewer line, which is a bigger pipe leading from the house to the city sewer line at the street). A camera is positioned at the end of the line so plumbers can see what’s going on in real time and at close range.

When Would You Need One?

You may need a video inspection if you are looking to remodel a bathroom or kitchen or add on a whole new bathroom or kitchen as part of an addition. You will want to know that your existing sewer lines can handle the increased needs of your family.

However, the vast majority of people seek out a sewer video inspection when they encounter a problem or emergency, such as when there’s a blockage that isn’t fixable by plunging, drain augering or liquid drain cleaners.

The sewer video scopes and location units that plumbers used are very powerful, with high-resolution video capabilities, lights, transmitters, recording capabilities and self-righting capabilities, which means the picture is always upright.

Typical Costs

Inspection costs will vary by company, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $99 to $300 for this service. If you go any cheaper than that, the video quality will suffer thanks to older, outdated equipment.

A video inspection will show you lots of things. You’ll get a “walk-through,” which leads from the trap, through the sewer line, and to the obstruction. If the camera and line can push past the obstruction, it will continue till it reaches the municipal line. Once the blockage point is identified, the plumber will wave a locating device at ground level until a transmission signal is received. At that time, they will spray paint the exact location so they can begin work on the problem.

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