How to clean your kitchen?

4 important kitchen appliances

Do you know how often you should clean kitchen appliances? Why don’t kitchen maintenance manuals come with our homes? Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, especially because of the task that are carried out in it. We use the kitchen practically every day! So, keeping everything working and clean is essential.

The kitchen has many appliances and most of them come into contact with food. To be sure you’re not contaminated your food you need to keep this appliances clean and sanitized. Perhaps the most important appliance in your kitchen is the refrigerator.

1. For the refrigerator, soap and warm water work best!

Do a deep clean monthly by removing all food contents as well as shelves and drawers and wiping down with warm water and soap. Never use desinfecter cleaners because they contaminated your food, water work best when cleaning the interior. You can also use a mixture of warm water and baking soda to sanitize and deodorize. Be sure to throw out spoiled food products and wipe down packaged items before placing back into the refrigerator.

2. You just need a really good sponge for the oven

Remove the shelves to start cleaning and wash them, then wash the oven with a sponge, soap and water.

3. To clean the stove make sure to use only vinegar and water

When cleaning the stove remove the stove grids and wash them with soap and water. Remove the burners and clean the stove with a sponge, vinegar and water.

4. Clean the microwave is really easy!

Just remove the turntable and soak it in soapy water. For eliminate odors, put in the microwave a bowl with water and vinegar and heat for two minutes. Be careful, water solution may be extremely hot.

Last but not least, use a special product to clean the appliances from the outside and make sure to do a deep clean kitchen monthly. For more appliance cleaning tips, please contact us!

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