Do You Have a Backed-Up Bathtub?

You were looking forward to a nice soak in a hot bath only to find out the tub is backed up. This is certainly an unpleasant situation, and one that requires immediate attention. Backups like these often involve dirty water and unpleasant odors. What caused it? Here’s a look at the warning signs and causes, and what to do about a backed-up bathtub.

Warning Signs

Clogged drainage systems are accompanied by some common warning signs such as:

  • The water in the tub drains very slowly after you take a bath
  • The water in your toilet rises or bubbles when you turn on the bathroom sink
  • Water bubbles up into your shower when you flush the toilet
  • You detect a sewer odor from the drains

These signs can indicate either a minor or major plumbing issue in the sewage line, and in either case, always call a plumber in Austin before the situation worsens.


Backed-up drainage systems and sewer lines can cause major damage to your floors, walls, and electrical systems if not addressed right away. Here are some common reasons for backed-up sewer lines:

  1. Old pipes: Drainage pipes can get damaged as they age. Pressure exerted on older pipes can lead to leaks, which can allow dirt and debris to clog the sewer lines.
  2. Insoluble Products: Wipes, grease, condoms, and feminine products that are flushed down the toilet will clog sewer lines.
  3. Tree and Shrub Roots: These roots can strangle pipes, causing cracked pipes and damage to pipe joints. When this happens, dirt and debris will get into the pipe via cracks and cause clogs.
  4. Multipurpose Pipes: Pipes that handle excessive raw sewage and storm water can lead to sewer line backups.


If you have noticed the above warning signs and suspect a clogged system, the first thing you should do is call a plumber to repair the issue. Doing this sooner rather than later can ensure the problem is fixed before it gets worse and more expensive. Here’s a look at some of the fixes for these issues:

  • Video inspection to troubleshot the root cause
  • Draining of the clogged system through hydro jetting
  • Using drain cleaners to unclog the pipes
  • Using a snake-draining tool
  • Pipe replacement

Your plumber will be able to better tell you which solution would be best. Backed-up bathtubs usually signal a plumbing problem with the sewer line or drainage pipes. If you spot warning signs like bubbling toilet water or sewage odors from your drains, call for emergency plumbing services before disaster hits.

Contact L&P Plumbing

Back-up bath tubs can seem mild at first but inaction almost always leads to worsening conditions. You don’t want a complete backup of your sewage system into the home, which is why it’s best to call us at the first sign of trouble. Please contact us today to make your appointment or call our emergency line if needed.