Common Plumbing Issues in Austin

Plumbing problems can pose a lot of headaches for home and business owners in Austin, TX. Even though many issues are common to this area, it doesn’t make them any less frustrating if you have to deal with them. From persistent leaks to frequent clogs, these issues disrupt normal activities and prevent you from going about your normal life. You have to troubleshoot the issue, call a plumber, and wait till it gets fixed. No one wants that hassle, but it’s a fact of life we all have to deal with.

It’s helpful to be aware of common residential or commercial plumbing issues in Austin, in order to avoid them or take quick action if they do occur.


Faucets leak. Toilets leak. It happens. The most common source of leaks are cracked pipes below the ground. The worst part about leaks is that they just get worse as time goes on if they’re not fixed. To keep property damage at bay and avoid significant water loss, always be on the lookout for leaks and their sources. An unusually high water bill could be your first clue that you have a leak somewhere.

Frequent Clogs

Persistent clogs are all too common, leading to frustratingly sluggish drains and in many cases, big plumbing problems down the road. If you tend to get a lot of clogs, this could signal serious pump issues or a failing septic system whereby a pumping service is required.

Hot Water Temperatures

Hot water issues are disruptive and dangerous. If you own a business, maintaining proper water temperatures is especially important. It’s critical to maintain a certain water temp to meet your needs, so whether your hot water is too high, too cool or just isn’t consistent, call in a professional plumber to troubleshoot the cause. You may need to replace thermostats or ensure proper insulation.

Sewer Odors

Awful odors coming from your sewer in residential and commercial settings can be problematic. In addition to the nasty smell, you could be facing an imminent sewage backup that can cause property damage and lead to health risks. A plumber can diagnose and address the source of the smell quickly. It could be a tree root getting in the way, or some other obstruction within the pipes. Whatever it is, don’t let a backup occur. Get it looked at immediately, at the first sign — or smell – of trouble.

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