Are Your Plumbing Problems Covered by Your Insurance?

For other parts of your home like your roof or your windows, it can be easy to determine whether your insurance will cover damages or not. For residential and commercial plumbing, however, things can be a little more complicated. Your coverage can depend on a number of different factors and it’s important to familiarize yourself with the basics so you don’t get surprised in case you’re ever faced with a plumbing emergency.

Generally speaking, plumbing damage accumulated over a period of time will not be covered by most insurance providers. Accidental bursting or flooding, as well as the damage they cause, can be covered if they are not a result of negligence or lack of maintenance. Here is what you need to know about insurance coverage on plumbing problems explained by our experts at L&P Plumbing LLC.

What Is Covered by Your Insurance

While you’re waiting for your plumbing and water heater services to fix your problem, double-check the terms of your insurance policy. Often, accidental and sudden pipe malfunction can be covered by your provider, including the damage they cause to adjacent walls and floors. If the flooding causes you to be displaced, you may also be reimbursed for travel, food, and accommodation expenses. Some policies also have provisions about property damage caused by plumbing issues.

What Can Cause Your Claim to Be Denied?

Plumbing problems that are a result of regular wear and tear, corrosion, and lack of maintenance will typically be rejected. You may need to have your pipes inspected by a qualified professional to prove that these are not the cause of your plumbing troubles.

Plumbing Inspections and Maintenance

As always, regular leak detection and maintenance can help you avoid common plumbing issues in the first place. Contact your local plumber and schedule an inspection visit at least once every couple of years to keep your pipes in good condition.

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