Advantages of Installing Touchless Bathroom Faucets


Wondering if touchless bathroom faucets are right for you? They come with many advantages, utilizing motion sensor technology to turn on and off the flow of water from the faucet. Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor (usually located to the side of the nozzle) to turn it  on and off. From better hygiene to water savings, let’s go over the many benefits of touchless bathroom faucets.

1.  Easy to Use

While there are many different models of hands-free bathroom faucets out there for you to choose from, they’re all easy to operate. Whether for your home or business, you can choose from a range of simple models that handle the basics to more complex models that feature advanced temperature controls.

Whichever one you choose, they’re easy to use for people of all ages, from small kids to the elderly to people with poor motor skills.

2.  Less Chance of Leaks

Especially when you invest in the higher quality ones, most touchless bathroom faucets rarely experience leaking. Because you’re not using the handle as much, there are fewer components to wear down and introduce the risk of leakage.

3.  Minimal Maintenance

If you have a traditional bathroom faucet now, you know how messy they can get. You try to keep your dirty hands off the controls, but sometimes you can’t help but leave soap and dirt residue on the handles and the surrounding sink, which you have to clean up after. Soap accumulates on the sink and gets gooey and sticky. Switch to hands-free bathroom faucets if you’re looking for no muss, no fuss solutions.

4.  Better Hygiene

In the same vein, you won’t be exposing your newly cleaned hands to someone else’s germs when you turn the faucet off after washing; and you won’t introduce germs onto the faucet handles when turning them on, contaminating them for the next user.

Less exposure to germs and bacteria means fewer chance of passing on colds, flus and coronaviruses. It’s easy to promote sanitation with touchless bathroom faucets, especially in a business, school, public transportation or other busy setting where multiple people per day are using the same faucet.

Of course, you should still sanitize the faucet area regularly. Don’t forget to clean the sensor so it doesn’t get clouded by soap.

5.  Save Money/Waste Less Water

Touchless faucets only deliver water when you signal the sensor. With traditional faucets, it’s easy to let the water run while you brush your teeth, take your contacts out or wash your face. With touchless, you can easily wave a hand and stop the flow, then pick it back up again when you need it.

If you install a touchless faucet in your business restrooms, you’ll save even more money because you won’t be losing all those extra gallons due to careless patrons who leave the water running.

Bathroom and kitchen faucets account for nearly 20% of the water used in the average home. Bathroom faucets run for about eight minutes a day, consuming about 20 gallons of water per day!

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