4 Things To Keep Out of Your Garbage Disposal

Your kitchen’s garbage disposal serves as a very convenient way to get rid of food waste without causing clogs, but that doesn’t mean that you can chuck everything down it without any worries. Today, our underground pipe work experts are here to tell you the four things that should keep out of the garbage disposal system.

1. Starchy Scraps

Yes, starchy scraps like potato peels, rice, and bits of pasta are soft, but that doesn’t mean that they are safe for your garbage disposal. In fact, the mashed up starch can get between seams and pretty much act as cement, causing the shredder flywheel to completely seize up.

2. Non-dissolving Items

While the garbage disposal will have no trouble crushing eggshells and coffee grounds, the small bits tend to build up further along the drain pipes. Sewage & Drainage services specialists say that buildups caused by non-dissolvable stuff are much more difficult to get rid of compared to other types of blockages.

3. Fibrous Food

Fibrous food waste such as celery or asparagus stalks are the bane of your typical garbage disposal unit. These items have thin, tough fibers that can easily get snagged in the garbage disposal and cause serious damage to the system. If a stalk accidentally finds its way in the garbage disposal, we strongly recommend stopping the unit and removing the fibers ASAP.

4. Oily Debris

Excess bits of meat or fat are soft enough that they can easily pass through the garbage disposal. However, just like eggshells and coffee grounds, the oil and fat from this type of debris tend to build up further along the drain pipes. Residential plumbing experts say that fat deposits are among the most common causes of clogs in kitchen sinks so you better keep the greasy stuff away from your garbage disposal.

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